A Navy Seals saying which I interpret as follows:

Let’s say you speed up the process of working on something, becoming sloppy in your execution in the hopes of reaching your goal faster. This often means that you end up having to reiterate because you skipped the planning step and didn’t really know what result you wanted in the first place or because you made some mistakes along the way.

So now you have to correct your errors or start from scratch which means that, in the end, working fast does not equal finishing fast.

It would be wise to not take any obvious shortcuts but to approach each project from a “professional” perspective, laying out your work and carefully following your plans. This will get you to your destination quicker and more reliably than just winging it.

Make it mean something, don’t throw it.

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  • Source: US Navy Seals, widely adopted as a collocation
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    • While some people say you should Fail faster to force your way to your goal state (Failure is the beginning of success), I think taking things slow can have the same effect.
      • Reminds me of the whole: “Slowly walking or running through the rain gets you just as wet”
      • There probably is a golden middle there, somewhere