The education system was built around worker productivity. This is especially true in the US American society. Preparing children for the future in industrial complexes was the main goal of public schooling.

the “correspondence principle” explains how the internal organization of schools corresponds to the internal organisation of the capitalist workforce in its structures, norms, and values – with regards to the book “Schooling in Capitalist America” by Bowles and Gintis (1976)

  • Keywords: education, society
  • Source:
    • Why Homework Doesnt Help
    • Joel Spring’s “American Education”
    • John Wilinsky’s “Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire’s End”
    • Clif Stratton’s “Education for Empire”
  • See also homework-does-not-improve-learning-performance as the basis of this line of argumentation.
  • Related: In Why Homework Doesnt Help, the author also writes that school cafeteria food was made as bland as possible to get immigrant kids to abandon their parents’ traditions. Might be interesting for a future note.