• “rolling”: French(/Turkish?) vs English
    • descending vs. tumbling expressed grammatically
    • gestures focus on downward motion vs. circular motion

So in English, if you ask English speakers to gesture “The ball is rolling down the hill.”, you’ll often get something like [Lauren gestures a linear path going from her upper left to lower right while indicating a rolling motion with one finger]. So in English, the verb-part is “roll”.

In French, the verb part is “to descend” from “descendre” – “to go down.” (NOTE: or “dévaler“ “to go down, descend“) and then you have to add on, separately, the “rolling” bit.

So the [gestures the linear path] directional gesture doesn’t necessarily have [gestures the linear, rolling path] “rolling down” at the same time.

(but it also seems like gestures aren’t just cultural because blind-people-gesture?)