I was wondering whether I would always struggle with managing information intake and output like I do now. Juggling private and public matters, very niche vs broad knowledge, classifying and archiving is immensely enjoyable but also quite difficult.

It takes a certain amount of discipline, at least in spurts, to keep up with how I am evolving in comparison to this information facility that some people call “second brain”.

And then I asked myself if there would ever come a point in life where I would have figured out the perfect balance, the perfect configuration, fully adapted to who I am at any point.

Would a system that works for me instead of against me liberate my work and creativity? I don’t think so. For one, this perfect imaginary system will never exist. Maybe I reach a point where it’s so easily adaptable that transitions between different areas and chapters in my life are a breaze… but I don’t think that’s an attainable goal.

Yeah. And perhaps it wouldn’t be so ideal. I think there should always be a bit of friction left. Similar to how our past mistakes inform our future, the bits and pieces in our knowledge management system that aren’t perfectly sorted and formatted, which are perhaps empty or don’t reflect our current knowledge, all inspire some form of action in ourselves.

In that way, the imperfections in my system help me move forward. They show me room for improvement, they inspire me or motivate me to work on something I have neglected.

  1. They reflect my progress. They remind me of who I was and who I want to be.
  2. They lead to unexpected insights. Serendipity! Chaos! Why did I put this link there with no context! We will never know!
  3. I forgor.