Das Schweizer Taschenmesser des Konvertierens von Dokumenten.
Default data dir: $HOME/.pandoc

Convert Markdown to docx (with Citations & Bibliography)

Test-Beispiel: Pandoc test file

pandoc "path/to/" -o "path/to/output.docx" --citeproc --bibliography "path/to/library.bib" --csl "path/to/citation_style.csl"

Using a reference doc
pandoc “path/to/” -o “path/to/output.docx” —citeproc —bibliography “path/to/library.bib” —csl “path/to/citation_style.csl”

pandoc "" -o "output.docx" --data-dir="$HOME/.pandoc" --reference-doc=$HOME/.pandoc/reference-docs/custom-academic-paper.docx --citeproc --bibliography "bibliothek/bib/bibliothek.bib" --csl ""

Create scannable citations for Word

pandoc -s --lua-filter=zotero.lua --metadata=zotero_scannable_cite:true --metadata=zotero_client:jurism […]

Create default reference docx and odt

pandoc --print-default-data-file reference.docx > $HOME/.pandoc/reference-docs/default-reference.docx
pandoc --print-default-data-file reference.odt > $HOME/.pandoc/reference-docs/default-reference.odt

Obsidian Plugin: Shell Commands

Convert active file to .docx

/usr/bin/pandoc {{folder_path:absolute}}/{{file_name}} -o {{folder_path:absolute}}/{{title}}.docx --citeproc --bibliography=zotero.bib --csl=apa.csl --reference-doc=essay-template2.docx

Using Emacs to insert Pandoc citations

With citar, you can insert citations both in Org Mode and in Markdown. With citar-insert-citation:

[@miestamo2017; @enfield2019; @kendon2004]


Frontmatter Fields

title: "Misleading charisma: A prosodic analysis of Elizabeth Holmes' speech"
    name: "Luke Günther"
    email: ""
created: "2022-09-22"
subject: "Charismatic speech"
keywords: [Charisma, Prosody, Speech]
lang: "de"
abstract: "This is the abstract."