When I put up this site, the main idea was that I get over my fear of rejection and publish some of my stream-of-consciousness writings that I type at 1am in bed, on my phone, when my mind is still racing and I need to put those thoughts down somewhere… Why would I want to publish those? Because I’m always afraid that I lose what I learn if I don’t share it with anyone.

But by now, this site has been around for a while and, so far, I was still waaay too anxious and self-conscious to put anything out. Another half year has passed and what-do-ya-know, it’s already July ‘23 and I still haven’t updated this thing.

My last effort to get the ball rolling is to put my notes out here, too. Pre-populate this site and then see where it goes. (It’s not like anyone is actually reading this, right?)

So, the main reasons why I want to share what I’m doing and thinking about is that…

  • I am super afraid of what other people think of me (darn you, mammoth!)… But I need to learn how to be vulnerable in public.
  • My brain is way too active to be imprisoned in my skull. (this made me chuckle)
  • Sharing what I learn holds me accountable and makes me want to keep going.
  • I need an off-ramp to my on-ramp. Connecting different inputs to produce something new that is at least valuable to me.
  • I might have some valuable things to say? I don’t want to be one of those white tech bros who produce tons of “content” just for the sake of making money and feeling important. I don’t want to be this superficial. My ramblings are real. My feelings and mishaps are real. I’m not perfect. I don’t want to make money and hustle. Fuck that.
  • Personal approaches to commonly used tools should be archived, too. In my experience, no one really wants to read docs, they want to read “here is how I did it on my machine, maybe this works for you, idk shrugs”. (There will always be weird edge cases and then you end up on Stack Overflow anyway.)

If you want to learn how I created this site, head over to: Preparing this site.