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  • scribbles: 2022-10-19-1802_morgenau-obsidian-take-smart-notes.excalidraw
  • lots of information which needs to be accessible and connected with previous findings and thoughts
  • don’t just highlight, write down your aha moments in context (e.g. with page numbers), see also 1a2 Asynchronous Active Reading
  • taking notes on books, real simple
    • create a note for the book, link up to bibliography (literature note), insert formatted citation
    • write out a quote, then add a paragraph of your own thoughts
    • I think this might greatly reduce the amount of bits you actually take from a source, focussing only on the most valuable parts to you at that moment in time
    • turn this into its own permanent note, keep a link in the lit note to the atomic ones
  • the Zettelkasten heavily relies on the amount and the quality of the notes and the links between them
    • quality over quantity!

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