Takeaway 🏃

  • Motivation:: Observe phonological features – dynamic changes in F0 and sound pressure level (SPL) – commonly associated with charisma, irrespective of gender and spoken language
  • Ergebnisse:: F0 fluctuations in all genders and languages; significantly depends on social communicative contexts, (subconscious) perception of ranks/standing between speakers’ and listeners’

Keywords: charisma

  • 2 | charisma: “vision, emotions, and dominance that leaders use to share beliefs and achieve goals”
  • 2 | Charisma of mind (verbal) and body (gestural)
  • 2 | Acoustic manipulation mapped to personality traits [@mohammadi2010]
  • 2 | High frequencies associated with subordination, low can seem threatening and conveys dominance
  • 3 | SPL = loudness, difficult to measure across recordings therefore normalized
  • 3 | Hypotheses focus on differences in features with respect to the listening audience(s)
  • 4 | Methodology: surveys, identify adjectives commonly associated with charisma; politicians only, three main types – energetic rational challenging
  • ! Speakers only from North/South America or Europe, most 55+ y/o
  • 8 | Dynamic F0 range can be a sign of wanting to appeal to a large group of listeners and their varying expectations → variation to emphasise social status



Signorello, Rosario, Didier Demolin, Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni, Bruce R. Gerratt, Zhaoyan Zhang & Jody Kreiman. 2020. Vocal Fundamental Frequency and Sound Pressure Level in Charismatic Speech: A Cross-Gender and -Language Study. Journal of Voice 34(5). 808.e1-808.e13. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jvoice.2019.04.007.