“I think we need to separate out imperialism from colonialism.”

“A colony is, to my mind — India and the other British colonies notwithstanding — a group of people migrating to a place and taking it over, as opposed to adopting the local culture.”

“We often think of settling new land and homesteading there as being sort of in a vacuum… but it’s been thousands of years since humanity has genuinely settled pristine land for the first time.”

““Imperialism” refers to rule by an emperor; it’s talking about adding to the dominion of a country, oftentimes without significantly changing the ethnic makeup of a locale.”

“Egypt was likely settled by humans at least 50,000 years ago. The earliest known human settlement in North America, at Bluefish Caves in Canada, was somewhere around 25,000 years ago — that’s ten to twenty times as long ago as the death of Jesus Christ. The earliest European settlement we can prove is from 30,000 years ago.”

“The Norse are the only popular example I can think of. During the Viking expansion they didn’t conquer Greenland, they just settled there. They engaged in trade with the locals for the next couple hundred years, and then the colony died out during the Little Ice Age. The Normans also expanded into Europe, particularly France and England.”

“New Zealand was settled around 1300; the Polynesian Tribes were still migrating as late as 1550, when they settled the Chatham Islands.”