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‘Ruin is the destination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest,’ he wrote. ‘Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all.’ → Hardin 1968


Community: The features of successful systems, Ostrom and her colleagues found, include clear boundaries (the ‘community’ doing the managing must be well-defined); reliable monitoring of the shared resource; a reasonable balance of costs and benefits for participants; a predictable process for the fast and fair resolution of conflicts; an escalating series of punishments for cheaters; and good relationships between the community and other layers of authority, from household heads to international institutions. → **Features of a successful system by Elinor Ostrom (1965):

  • communicating and maintaining clear boundaries
  • knowing a resources’ current status
  • balancing give and take
  • conflicts need to be addressed in an agreed-upon “fair” manner (predictably)
  • punishments for recurring anti-communal behaviour
  • good relationships between societal layers and authorities**