A typical morning in my life:

  • Try to work on something I have to work on. Term paper this time.
  • Realise I can’t find a file I need. Go hunting for file.
  • Decide now is the perfect time to completely restructure my notes and other files. Read up on file and knowledge management systems (hello PARA). Because I want to find my files.
  • Forget about the file thing after getting something to drink and opening a new tab (lol). Start watching a video about knitting drama. I don’t knit.
  • Realising this is actually kind of nice to work to. Work some more while the video is running as background noise. Get a fidget/stim toy and get pulled into hyperfocus for a bit.
  • Looking up a book for research. It’s behind Adobe DRM… Damn it.
  • Not wanting to start my Windows VM, I try to figure out how to download PDFs from a ASCM file on Linux.
  • Installing various Calibre plugins and reading documentation.
  • Give up. Start the Windows VM, download the PDF, deDRM it…

The circle of liiiife.