Highlights đź’ˇ: How Charisma Is Perceived from Speech

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â–  to promote the renewal and the progress of civilization (p. 2)

■ might improve the speech synthesis used for example in Speech Generating Devices (SGDs)…Embodied Conversational Agents (ECA) (p. 2)

â–  Persuasive Computing (p. 2)

■ We define charisma as a set of characteristics of a leader that are displayed by features of her/his communicative and non-communicative behavior and result in “charisma of the body” and in the “charisma of mind”. (p. 3)

â–  58 French participants (42 female, 16 male, mean age 30) (p. 3)

â–  Pathos: the charismatic leader is endowed with a high degree of emotional intelligence (p. 3)

â–  Ethos Benevolence: (sociability, inclusiviteness): the charismatic leader is people-oriented (p. 3)

â–  Ethos-Competence: the charismatic leader owns unconventional qualities (p. 3)

  • [b] creative, smart, determined, motivated, communicative, persuasive etc

â–  Ethos Dominance: the charismatic leader has a dominant personality (p. 3)

â–  Effects of Emotional Induction: the charismatic leader has a high capacity to influence others by inducing emotions (p. 3)

â–  we analyzed the change in the voice characteristics of Umberto Bossi, an Italian politician who in 2004, during his political career, had a stroke that resulted in severe speech impairment (p. 3)


â–  two samples taken from two speeches performed by Bossi, respectively, in 1994 (PRE-stroke) and in 2011 (POST-stroke) (p. 3)

â–  singled out their main differences (p. 3)

â–  conducted a perceptual study on how the two samples were perceived as charismatic by French subjects (p. 3)

â–  we selected 3 stimuli differing for their respective illocutionary value: one assertion, one incitation and one rhetorical wh- question (p. 3)

  • [b] each


â–  Overall f0 measures (p. 4)

â–  higher f0 values might be positively correlated to charisma perception (p. 4)

â–  Intonation contour description (p. 4)

â–  Perception study (p. 4)

â–  we hypothesize that the richer the prosody (higher f0 values as max, min and range, focus on key words, tonal jumps, rising and falling contour, etc.) the more charismatic the speaker will be perceived (p. 4)

â–  we asked 40 French participants with no knowledge of Italian to rate our stimuli (p. 5)

â–  20 participants listened to the PRE condition and 20 to the POST condition stimuli (p. 5)

â–  headphone. (p. 5)

  • [b] Make sure to hint to this if you do a study

â–  7-point Likert scale (p. 5)

â–  average duration of the test was of 25 minutes (p. 5)

â–  multimodal behavior of the leader (speech, gestures, postures, etc.) (p. 6)

â–  Proactive-Attracting charisma, groups adjectives mentioning qualities of the dynamic leader (as vigorous, active, dynamic, courageous) that induce positive emotions in a receiver (for whom the leader is charming, attractive, captivating, seductive) (p. 6)

â–  Benevolent-Competent charisma, includes adjectives like intelligent, wise, calm, trustworthy, fair (p. 6)

â–  Authoritarian-Threatening charisma, referred to adjectives like determined, menacing, dishonest, individualistic, authoritarian (p. 6)

■ Bossi’s speech after the stroke takes up a different type of charisma, looking more as a wise/calm leader as opposed to the dynamic, fighting and threatening leader (p. 6)

■ [3] M. Atkinson, Our Masters’ Voices: Language and Body Language of Politics. London, UK: Routledge, 1984. (p. 7)

■ [9] B. J. Fogg, “Persuasive computers: perspectives and research directions,” in Proceedings of CHI 1998, pp. 225–232, ACM Press, 1998. (p. 7)

â–  [15] J. Kreiman and D. Sidtis, Foundations of Voice Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Voice Production and Perception. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. (p. 7)